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Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will launch at the end of February 2016. Last year Google announced the introduction of its Accelerated Mobile Pages project. According to Google this is a new open source program to "dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web."

The Google AMP move is Google’s answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News. Both of Facebook and Apples comparable programs require entering a dedicated partnership with Facebook or Apple. Anyone can use open source Google AMP to create mobile web pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a basic presentation of mobile web which runs on a new version of HTML used to create web pages. This new version of HTML known as AMP HTML, takes out those things which cause mobile pages to load slower (like some JavaScript, plug ins and third party scripts). Google says that pages created with AMP HTML can load up to 85% faster than the non AMP version of the same page. It effectively means less competition for Google, because it takes out a lot of the infrastructure advertisers currently use to deliver their brand messages/advertising to users.

Speed is an algorithm factor and sites that pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test appear higher up the search results. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages are specifically designed to load quicker and deliver a better user experience on mobile are going to get a search ranking boost. AMP search results in the Google demo are showing with a green lightning bolt highlighting these super fast AMP mobile pages.

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