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Snapchat is a social platform that allows videos or “snaps” to be sent to another's. Snapchat’s videos disappear from a user’s phone after a set period of seconds. The app is mainstream for millennials. Snapchat is more popular among teenagers than Facebook with 19% reporting the app is their single most important social network. Corporate marketers have been flocking to the platform.

Snapchat’s platform shows four billion video views each day with roughly 26% of 18-29 year-olds using Snapchat and 20% of iPhone users have downloaded the app. Snapchat is the Twitter of video sharing and is perfect for reaching a huge follower base with short video clips and pics. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg offered to pay $3 billion for the app in November of 2013 and he was turned down. The app now has more than 100 million users and accounts for 400 million daily snaps with more views than Facebook and Instagram. Leverage your existing Twitter and Facebook followers with Snapchat and it will provide you with a powerful new social platform. The number of people using adblocker software continues to accelerate but Snapchat offers a way around all of that - your followers on Snapchat get access to what you want to convey immediately because it’s an opt-in platform. Snapchat is focussed at short bursts of content and is easy to use to convey stories to customers. The platform offers a Snapchat Stories feature where brands archive snaps for 24 hours to provide a running pictorial or video narrative for followers.The platform can be powerful for companies that want to promote store traffic by requiring viewers to show them Snapchat content of the promotion to participate in the discounts.

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