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Online advertising is literally a multi-billion dollar a year industry… one of the world’s largest companies, Google, uses it as their primary source of income. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that there are so many ad companies popping up with new types of ads for you to showcase your products and services online. The only problem here is that we are reaching a tipping point. People are starting to become aggravated with the frequency and intrusive nature of online ads now, to the point where some forms of online ads are becoming detrimental to your business.
What I’m talking about are pop over ads, un-skippable ads, and the like. These ads are making people install browser extensions like Adblock, which remove the ads from the users view, essentially rendering your advertising dollars moot.
So what does work??
What does work for advertising online are native PPC ads. These are search ads, and ads on social media, like Facebook. Search ads will only show up for users when they have typed in a relevant search term, so they’re generally not going to be annoyed by seeing them, they’re more likely to be welcoming. So you get a targeted ad impression AND native PPC ads in search are not blocked by most ad blocking extensions, so you’re dollar is going wasted. The same basic principles apply to social media ads, they’re highly targeted, and un-intrusive so you’re much more likely to get a lead from them, as opposed to an in-your-face pop up ad.

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