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Google still dominates search by a long shot, but this year the fastest growing search engine by percentage will be DuckDuckGo (DDG) which in 5 years has already grown from zero to 10 million users a day. And DDG continues to grow at an alarming rate, doubling it’s audience every few months. No search engine has growth like that. You might say it has viral growth.

There are some neat things about this search engine. It doesn’t track you and it doesn’t collect or share personal information. It has less spam in search results and provides good instant answers for search results. Recently they have been included in Apple Safari and Foxfire results.These guys donate back much of the revenue they take in to a variety of worthy web causes. They accept open source projects including their own DuckDuckHack which allows others with knowledge to provide info for search queries (think Wiki). They are located in Paoli Pennsylvania and their office looks like castle. How cool is that. They kind of bill themselves as the peoples search engine.

Watch this one closely. I hope these guys don’t just sell out to Google or Bing or Amazon. In these times of viral social media who knows how far they can go. If they retain their model and mission and don’t get too greedy or IPO they could rival Google in a few years with their growth compounding at it’s current rate.

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