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Google has ended the presentation of the right hand ad silo for AdWords as of Feb. 22nd 2016. The right hand space is now paid Product Listing Ads (PLAs) as well as Knowledge Graph Boxes mainly driven from Structured Data, Wikipedia and Google Plus. PLA’s show up when you search for a specific product for sale - often from carte sites.

What you will see now is four AdWords listings over the organic search listings and three more AdWords listings at the bottom (leaving the ten organic listings in between). Google Local Map results when triggered by a geographic qualifier in the search term also shows up under the four top AdWords listings. There is no longer a MORE button to see other AdWords listings.

When you go to the second page of Google results there are no AdWords at the top at all, just three AdWords listings stacked at the bottom of each page. Google suggests they are looking for less clutter and better mobile presentation. And that may be so, but Google has also determined the average click through rate for right hand side Ads is poor across verticals, and the expected cost per click inflation from this major change is projected to more profitable in the long run for Google.

For businesses this will mean the organic space is even more precious and will therefore lead to an even bigger focus on SEO. For AdWords bidders they had better be sure they know what they are doing because now essentially instead of competing for the three top placing ads and six listings in the right hand silo they are competing for only four ad listings on top of the results. “There are plenty of ways to increase the real estate footprint of those four top placing ads if you know what you are doing” says Stephen Roome of First Page SEO. First Page SEO is Google Search Advertising certified and as well holds the elusive badged Google Partner status.

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