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With the New Year, people are always setting new resolutions and goals. It seems that the more popular ones for most people are always either getting themselves healthier, kicking a bad habit, or of course, growing their business. But setting a goal is easy, reaching it is where the trouble comes in, so how do we go about this?

When growing a business, the first thing to do is lay out a business strategy. This is going to include budgets, new products and services, and a good marketing strategy. If you haven’t incorporated SEO and SEM into your marketing strategy yet, this year is the year to do it. Online business references and leads has far surpassed any other medium for more industries, so in order for your business to grow this year, you need to make sure you are utilizing as many online tools as you can.

The most important online marketing tool, search engines, most often conveniently have the lowest cost per lead, and therefore the highest ROI. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, ranks the highest in ways of ROI through search engine marketing. Everyone now is researching online to find products and it is most often the highest ranking site that is going to be their first choice to view, and therefore will be the researchers benchmark for other products. To help give yourself an advantage over your competition, you need to make sure that your product or service is that benchmark. This is what will help drive your online sales and help your business grow.

The only downside with SEO is that when it is done right, it can take some time to see the full results. If you’re looking for a faster way to boost your online sales, then the next highest ROI will be through pay-per-click advertising. This can be done through many mediums, though Google AdWords has the highest reach and can drive the most traffic for you. The other variables are whether you want to just bid for ads within the search engine (showing in the top three spots on a results page or the right hand silo) or if you would prefer to do remarketing within Google’s Display Network. Both have advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another, but both will help provide you with more leads to your website and therefore, more business.

So if your New Year Resolution is to help your business grow, online marketing needs to be a part of your plan. If you are looking for a hand in building an online marketing strategy, please feel free to reach out to us.

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