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Recently Google entered into a partnership agreement with Twitter that will see Google indexing tweets in real time. Some Tweets will become visible in Google’s search results as they are posted. Google and Twitter have had an on and off relationship over the years. When the two companies failed to renegotiate their deal four years ago, Google dropped their real time search feature altogether because there wasn’t much point without Twitter ... the king of real time on the web. Twitter recently said it had made a change allowing Google and other search engines to crawl its top hash tagged search pages. Aside from posting real time Twitter news, at First Page SEO we are already noticing that Twitter pages are sometimes showing up first page search for business name searches. This could be turning into a business review process in that searchers can quickly review what others are saying about the business on Twitter.

So now Tweets from customers can be on the front page for a business name search! If businesses have a reputation management strategy to deal with customer complaints then they can deal with these quickly and perhaps turn negatives into positives. In addition reputation managed positive Twitter posts will likely become mainstay in social marketing. These types of Twitter results on Google search could easily take the place of forum threads and could carry a higher trust level. Businesses need to treat tweets like ads to get viewers attention when they come across them in search results. It’s more critical than ever for businesses to interact with people mentioning them on Twitter.

From the stats we look at, where clients are active in social marketing, we see a 7–10% average of inbound customer traffic coming from social. Not a huge amount, but not something you can ignore either. However, Stone Temple Consulting recently put out some research about how Google indexes tweets and found that only about 7.4% of them were actually indexed ... so there is still a ways to go on this. And lets face it probably 80% of Tweets are garbage. Stone Temple found that Twitter accounts with larger follower counts got more tweets indexed and more value was being placed by Google on authoritative accounts. Images and hash tags also increase a tweet's chances of getting indexed and links from third party sites also had a higher awareness with Google.

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