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When it comes to search engine optimization terms, it comes out Greek to most. Making references to meta tags, LD+JSON mark-ups, Robot Commands and more can sometimes go right over head and out the window, so here is a breakdown of some terms and there meanings.


Meta Tags

Website meta tags refers mostly the page title, description and keywords. These are tags that are read by search engines, but are not visible to website guests. They help the search engines get a feel for the theme of your website. The title tag is arguably the most valuable bit of content on your site for search engines to read. The description tag is now only used by search engines in their results page, but not in the algorithm. The keywords Meta tag isn’t used by the major search engines any more.



This is a header script that again is read by search engines, but no by website viewers. It is essentially another form of meta data that consists of listing business type, name, & description. The difference here is that it is written in another coding language, JavaScript. It is part of what is called Structured Data, which has been a big part of SEO for the past few years.


Robot Commands

These are meta commands that instruct the search engines to index your website more often. Although Google spiders your website every day, it doesn’t always re-index it. This bit of code makes the search engines update their index of your site on a regular basis, so that any changes you make to your site’s content will affect its position faster.



This is an easy one, it stand for Search Engine Results Page.


Schema Mark-up

Schema Mark-up is another form of Structured Data. It holds the same information as LD+JSON, but it is seen on your website by guests. Schema Markup is often put in the footer of a website to showcase the business information.


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