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These days, the world seems to be moving faster. People don’t seem to have the time to wait for information, they want it as fast and direct as possible. This has led to Direct Search Results (DSRs) from search engines, and also from IPAs (Intelligent Personal Assistants) such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now.

Direct Information Results mean that people can now find content through search without needing to look through a company’s website. Google Local displays search term relevant businesses located near the user, and showcases their services, business schedule, and contact info … without needing to open up the business website. This means that even if you have your website at the top of the organic search listings, people may not use your services because it wasn’t the most direct result. The same goes voice search apps on Smartphones.

So how can you make sure that your businesses’ contact information comes up first?

A few years ago Schema Markup and Structured Data become a major factor in optimizing your website not only for standard search, but also for these Direct Search Results. Structured Data and Schema allowed you to input additional meta-data onto your website to help search programs pick up the information they need to display your information when people search using IPAs.

In addition to adding Structured Data and Schema Markup to your website, your businesses information will be easier for IPAs to read by increasing your overall internet presence, including having a Google Places for Business page, Wikipedia page, and also being generally active on social media channels.

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