Using Google Ads to Supplement Your Online Marketing

While your search engine marketing plan should revolve around increasing your organic listings, you can’t forget about using Google Ads to help supplement your traffic and bring in new leads. Businesses often brush off Google Ads as a cash grab from Google and ignore the benefits that these ads can bring them.

It is true that Google searchers often skip over ads – a CTR of 1% can often be a “good” click through rate - but that shouldn’t worry business owners. You must keep in mind that Google Ads are run on a pay-per-click basis, so you’re not paying for the ads if no one is clicking on them. So even if people skip over your ad, it’s not going to hurt your bottom line.

Search ads can be very useful in building short term traffic for new keywords, and to supplement your traffic by buying your way to the top of more difficult keywords where you sit isn’t currently ranking organically. Always remember that SEO is a zero-sum game – either your site is there, or it isn’t. If your website isn’t showing up on searches consistently, you should consider running a Google Ad campaign to help supplement the search traffic for those terms.

Google Ads, when run properly, can help to bring in continuous traffic that is highly targeted. It can be integrated with your Analytics which will allow you to see traffic bounce rates, average time on site, and conversions. With this data your ad campaign can be constantly adjusted to optimize these stats, which is going to tailor your ad campaign so that your ads will only appear when there is a high chance of conversion.

It is important though, that when running an ad camping you ensure that it is properly optimized and continues to be optimized. Otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of money that doesn’t need to be spent. In addition to that, there’s not really much use in having your ads show on keywords that you consistently occupy the top spot – people may click on your ad instead the organic ranking, costing you unwarranted ad dollars.

So if you pay close attention to your stats, and your keyword list, Google Ads are a good source for consistent, highly targeted traffic to your site. But if you’re not paying attention to the campaign, then it can end up costing you in the end. Often it is better to consult with a Google Ads Partner to help with your account, or even manage it, to make sure that it is being properly taken care of.

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