SEO Tips for Google Image Search

Significantly help to boost your Web Rankings

While Google Images won’t always take people directly to your website, it is still helpful to make sure that people are finding your content instead of your competitors. The image search in Google used to click through to target websites, now though it only opens a full-size view, with the option for the user to click through. While this may make it seem useless from an SEO stand point, having your content displayed instead of your competitors does give you an advantage over them.

Here how you can make your images rank higher in Google image search:

Make Sure You’re Using ALT Tags

Google still doesn’t index and record text that is in an image, and instead relies on the ALT text to let them know what that image is about. By using relevant keyword phrases for your image you can help it rank higher in image searches. ALT tags on images will also help the overall SEO of your website as well.

Add an Image Caption

Adding a caption to your images will help improve image search rankings. In regards image optimization, its one of the most effective techniques that also helps with onsite SEO. Make sure your caption is relevant to the image and uses proper keyword phrasing.

Make Sure Surrounding Text is Relevant

The text all around your image must be relevant to it. It should have proper keyword density that matches the theme of the image ALT tag and caption. If they are all using similar keyword phrases, it will not only help the image search results, but the overall website SEO as well.

Optimize Image Load Speed

This is a key factor in Google’s Mobile First Index world. Image load speed is critical to gaining high ranking. Make sure that your image is properly sized for its location, and that it has been compressed. These will help make sure that it’s not being penalized for being too large and taking to long to load. As with all other points, this not only helps with the image SEO, but also with the overall website optimization.

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