How to Produce Quality Content

Leveraging Content for an SEO Advantage

It has always been said in the SEO world that Content is King, and this still rings true to today. Content is key for allowing search engines to grasp the context of your website and help it rank in their algorithms. This provides a major opportunity for smaller businesses, or those who want to target locally. By making sure that you have well written, SEO friendly content through out your website you can rank higher for relevant searches. We have listed below several ways to help leverage your onsite content to help your website’s SEO.

Use Every Page

With content being so important, you can’t afford to have thin pages. Google has brought it up before that they want to see at least 300 – 500 words per page, and you should heed their advice. Make sure that all of your pages have enough relevant content, and it will help your website rank better overall, and also help your subpages rank too.

For each page that you have, its not too difficult to add in additional content that is still relevant enough to be useful for your visitors. If you are having a hard time with creating the content for your website or are finding that it is just too time consuming, considering hiring an SEO agency to help create your content and make sure that it will help your website place.

Focus on Quality Content

While it is important to have a large quantity of content, it is important to make sure that the content is of high quality as well. Content for the sake of content is not going to help your website out. If you’re duplicating content and hosting multiple pages that all say the same thing, you’re just running in circles. Focus on creating good quality content, and lots of it.

For most pages, 300 – 500 words isn’t too much, so it’s relatively easy to make sure that the content in there is useful to your website visitors and not just filler. The best thing to do is make sure that your text is to point yet still interesting enough to keep readers attention, and of course has proper keyword density throughout the text.

Never Use Duplicate or Scraped Content

This is a big one. A lot of business owners will choose to just copy text from one area of their site to use in another area – it saves time and it works for them. The problem is that it doesn’t work for search engines. This is a lazy way to produce content, and isn’t viewed as being good for the user, so it won’t help you rank higher – in fact it can lead to rank drops in Google. So the best thing to do is spend a bit of extra time, and create useful, quality content that visitors will engage with.

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