SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Is a Key Factor in Any Online Marketing Campaign

Search engines are still the most influential source of traffic for almost any website. Almost everyone begins their buying process by researching online through search. You need to make sure that people are finding your business ahead of your competitors, or you’re going to be missing out.

Our SEO strategy revolves around in-depth research for our clients and producing quality content that will help them rank in Google. We start all our SEO programs off with competitor research, and keyword analysis so that we not only know what the best terms are for our clients to be placing on, but also to see what they’re top placing competitors have been doing in terms of SEO. This gives us a solid base to start our SEO campaign.

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Competitor Research

With SEO, it is all competitor relative. If your competition has been aggressively working on their SEO for years, it’s going to take some extra time to catch up with them and surpass them. Likewise, if they haven’t been doing very much from an SEO perspective, it can happen much more rapidly. We dig deep to find out exactly what your competition has been up to so that we know exactly where your website stands.

Keyword Analysis

Anyone can rank on irrelevant terms – we do our homework so that we know what they best terms are for you site to be ranking on. We want to know exactly what people are searching for, how often it is searched, and how competitive the terms are. We then use that data to come up with a comprehensive list of both long tail and short tail terms for you site to be placing on.

Onsite SEO

One of the most important factors of SEO, obviously, is how well the SEO elements of your website are optimized. This includes onsite meta-tags, image optimization, page load speed, and more. We use our targeted keyword phrases to optimize your onsite content, and work to make sure that all other onsite SEO elements are following Google’s best practice guidelines.

Off Site SEO

It may come as a surprise to some, but off-site SEO is just as important as onsite. Google’s algorithm looks at other websites that you site is associated with, and factors that in for placement. This includes look at external links, backlinks, and online brand mentions. We only use high quality, themed sources for our backlink strategies, and white hat techniques to build online brand mentions and links back to your website.