Website Design

Responsive Website Design & Development

Having a professionally developed website is integral for today’s businesses to succeed. Over 80% of leads are coming in from online, so your website needs to stand out. First Page SEO has the experience and expertise to build and market your website, so not only are you helping to provide a better online experience for existing clients, but we’ll help you grow your clientele as well.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

For most industries, the bulk of your traffic is going to be coming from mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your website is providing an optimal mobile experience.

We can help create a beautiful, mobile-friendly website for you to help retain online visitors and convert them into leads. All our website designs are responsive to allow content to be optimized for the user no matter what device they’re using, but we can also build progressive web apps to give you mobile visitors a truly unique experience to meet their needs.

Analytics & Traffic Stats

We make sure that all the website’s that we create for our clients have Google Analytics installed throughout. This will help to determine not only where the majority of your site’s traffic is coming from, but also how engaged your visitors are with your content. With this information you can learn how to better spend your marketing dollars.

With properly installed analytics you can not only tell where your traffic is coming from, but also how they are interacting with your website. This will help you determine what traffic source is giving you the best quality traffic, and can therefore help you determine where you should be investing more for your marketing efforts.

Conversion Optimization

It’s great to have a company website, but you also need to make sure that your website is working for you. If people are finding your website, but aren’t converting, you’ve got a problem. We’ve got the tools and know how to properly analyze your website and the visitor behaviours to figure out what needs to be done to give them a better user experience, and help convert them.

Believe it or not – pretty much every element on your website effects your visitors, from the colours, to visual cues, and even the font. All of these play into the user experience and need to be properly thought out. Off colours or mis-matching fonts can leave visitors with a bad impression, and if the content isn’t structured properly, they may not know where to find the information that they are looking for. We can help analyze visitor behaviour and make the necessary adjustments to help optimization your website’s conversion rate.

eCommerce Solutions

We can build you an easy to use eCommerce platform that incorporates not only a full online store, but also a full information website. You can manage your products and sales all from the backend dashboard. We install Google Analytics as well as they can provide more details for you so that you know where your best traffic is coming in from and your top products.

Samples of our designs.